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Experts: Ivermectin effective as prophylaxis vs COVID-19

Medical experts reiterated the efficacy of Ivermectin for coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention and early treatment.

Dr. Allan Landrito, a practicing integrative medical doctor, and Dr. Benigno Agbayani, president of the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDCPh), during their appearance in Daily Tribune’s Kalingang KaTribu: Health and Wellness on Tuesday claimed successful experiences using the anti-parasitic drug as prophylaxis.

Prophylactic medication is designed to prevent a disease from occurring.

Agbayani said that a number of independent studies have shown the efficacy of Ivermectin as prophylaxis, which allows the natural infection to occur but prevents the disease from developing and thereafter promotes an immune response that confers natural immunity.

“Does it work? Meron na pong meta-analysis na nagsasabing nagwo-work siya,” Agbayani said. “Ang conclusion nila mukha pong tumatalab ito pang-iwas o prophylaxis at para mabawasan ang mortality at maaring hospitalization.”

According to Landrito, Ivermectin serves as internal protection against Covid-19.

“Chances are hindi na siya magkaka-Covid. Kung maunahan niya ang virus, kung maunahan niya bago makapasok ang virus sa paghinga niya, kung maunahan niya ‘yun ng Ivermectin hindi na siya magkaka-Covid,” he vowed.

“Sa meta-analysis 89% ang chances niya na ‘di na siya magkaka-Covid. Pero sa experience ko its even higher eh,” Landrito added.

Landrito had claimed successful experiences in the Philippines in more than 8,000 patients which are prophylaxed with Ivermectin, saying that it is “99 percent, if not 100 percent” effective among his patients.

However, the Department of Health (DoH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued statements against the use of the drug.

FDA director-general Usec. Eric Domingo said Wednesday night during President Rodrigo Duterte’s public address that the regulatory board’s stance might change if evidence would prove that Ivermectin is effective in preventing and treating the illness.

Ivermectin, however, is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has also been shown to be effective in vitro against a broad range of viruses including HIV, Dengue, Influenza, Chikungunya, and Zika viruses among others.

Story Credit: TDT and The Daily Tribune

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